2021 Week 48 Update

We are in the last weeks of 2021 and Covid is still not done with us. The newest variety Omicron which has come in just as people are planning their year-end holiday and travel has put a pause or in some cases, a full stop to many travel plans.

The variant has been detected in more than 38 countries, though there are no deaths as yet attributed to this variant. Many countries, including Singapore and India, have increased testing on incoming travellers and have stopped flights to the southern part of Africa. Other countries including Israel, Japan have already started closing their borders to all foreigners, with others probably following suit should the variant prove to be more severe or dangerous. At this point, we can only wait and see how things pan out. I am planning a trip to see my parents in early 2022 and hope things settle down by then.

In other news, the world just got a new country this week. After 396 years of rule by the British, Barbados has gained its independence with Dame Sandra Mason sworn in as president, replacing the British Queen as head of state.

Today’s quote is a very easy one to internalise. Nothing is impossible, because the word impossible itself has the word possible in it, so everything is possible, you just have to do it! This quote is attributed to the gorgeously talented Audrey Hepburn.

GG had her review with her endocrinologist this week and though her numbers are still much better, they are still a way to go before she reaches normal levels. She has another review after six weeks, so I am hoping the numbers get better by then.

That’s all from me this week. Stay safe, stay masked, and get vaccinated!

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