2021 Week 52 Update

Happy New Year! May this year give wings to your dreams and you watch them come true!

This is the last week of the holidays before school starts on Monday and so GG & BB are trying to get as much as they can with friends. Holidays are over and it’s back to work and school from Monday.

Last week S turned 50 and we had a small intimate celebration at home for him over the weekend. It was just family mainly because of the safe distancing protocals where we can only have five other guests in the house. So we only invited S’ mum, aunt and sister and her family. It’s was a very nice night of talk and laughter and the menu was inspired by Mumbai’s street foods.

I have also booked my tickets for my flight to India and I am so excited. But there is also a tinge of fear about the increasing surge of COVID-19 cases because of the Omicron variant. But I am going to go with a positive mindset and take as many precautions as possible so that I come back unscathed.

Today’s positive quote is from the Indian author, activist and motivational speaker, Shiv Khera, best known for his book, You Can Win. Khera says that positive action combined with positive thoughts lead to success. So that’s a good quote to think about at the beginning of the year and use that as our guiding principle for the year which is what I am going to do.

Take care, stay safe and have a wonderful 2022!

2 thoughts on “2021 Week 52 Update

  1. That’s a nice quote, though I favour the word ‘action’ more than the ‘thinking’. For me, it’s usually the action that determines my thinking. Wishing you all the best on your trip to India!

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