Poem: Travel

I wrote this poem sometime in December of last year when travel had just seem possible. Then the Omicorn variant was detected and for a while, travel seemed to become that much harder and difficult.


Oh what a joy it is to travel
To broaden the horizons, to gather souvenirs
With that first thought, the eyes have a twinkle
To discover new worlds, to conquer new frontiers

At home when you wake up, but across the continent by brunch
Perhaps for a meeting or is that for leisure you fly?
Then in another country to have a late lunch
Where you can finally take a deep breath and say goodbye

And when you come back, the trip still lingers within you
And suddenly when you least expect it, it happens
A memory will pop up once in a blue
Taking you back to that trip, nostalgic beckons

Travel makes one better, inside and outside
Travel opens your mind and makes you wise
Travelling shrinks the world makes it concise
That’s why it is said that travelling is the ultimate prize

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