2022 Week 02 Update

We’re finishing up the second week of the year and Omicron and COVID still have us firmly in their clutches. Cases are increasing all over the world, including Singapore, but now I am becoming slightly indifferent to the case numbers. Where I used to obsessively check the numbers daily, today I pretty much don’t care what the numbers are daily, though I do keep an eye on the numbers from time to time. I guess COVID fatigue has finally got to me. I also know that at some point, I will also be infected and so am just waiting for the inevitable.

In other news, GG & BB got their booster shot finally today. The vaccination centre closest to our home didn’t have slots for them earlier because they were focusing on vaccines for children between the ages of five and 12 and so today was the first day they could get a slot. Now, our entire household is triple vaccinated and there’s a sense of slightly more security.

Today’s quote is from Walt Disney, who does not need any introduction and is about chasing our dreams. What Disney says is that our dreams will come true, only if have the courage to pursue them. So when we actively pursue our dreams, there is a possibility that they will get fulfilled.

Take care everyone and please get fully vaccinated if you still aren’t. And if you are eligible for the booster shot, get it as soon as possible. Because it has been proven that if one is vaccinated, then even if one gets infected, the infection is mild and recovery is fast. So stay masked, stay safe and get vaccinated.

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