2022 Week 06 Update

Hello from Singapore! I am finally back from my three week holiday in India. It has been a hectic three weeks, but it was so worth it. I got to not only meet my parents after 2 years but also helped them close their home in Mumbai and shift to a senior retirement community in Bengaluru. I know it would have been very hard for them to do it themselves and I am happy that I could help them out.

Here in Bengaluru, I also got to meet relatives and cousins, some of whom I had not met in years, so that was another plus. But now I am back home and will go back to my usual routine of meditation and walking which I had missed while in India.

Ever since I landed in India, Omicron cases have been increasing in Singapore. We’ve been getting more than 10,000 cases daily. India’s cases on the other hand seem to be dropping after a peak in the third week of January.

Today’s quote is something that the American author, coach, speaker, and philanthropist Tony Robbins has said. Robbins who is is known for his infomercials, seminars, and self-help books reminds us that our past does not equal our future. Simple, to the point and something we all tend to forget most of the time. So forget what you did yesterday, focus on today and tomorrow.

And with that, bye from me for this week!

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