2022 Week 09 Update

In the last two years of walking, February 2022 has been my worst month. I walked more even in January 2021 when I first started. I need to get off this malaise that has affected me and start walking anew. Doing this monthly update is good because today after I realised how much behind I am, I am determined to finish my daily quota. I am in Nagaland now and on the outskirts of its capital city, Kohima. I am hoping to walk through Nagaland this month and enter the largest of the northeastern states Assam. Then it’s past the chicken neck in West Bengal and I will soon reach the state of Bihar.

I have been reading a fair bit this month and am at about 15% of my annual target. I am hoping to read at least one non-fiction a month this year and so far I am on course for that. I am also feeling a tad bit overwhelmed because in addition to the housework, cooking and work, I have to read and write and sometimes this becomes hard and I end up dropping one, which usually happens to be my walking. I need to figure out how to do it all and when I do so, I will update you.

GG starts her internship tomorrow and she will be at a big 4 company doing something she is currently interested in. The internship will let her figure out if this is indeed what she wants to do in the future or if she needs to move to something else.

Today’s quote is from Ralph Waldo Emerson, the American essayist, lecturer, philosopher, abolitionist, and poet who led the transcendentalist movement of the mid-19th century. Emerson exhorts us to not be pushed by our problems but to let our dreams lead us to where we want to and need to be. This is a lesson I need to learn, so this quote is very timely.

And on that note, stay safe and see you all next week!

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