2022 Week 10 Update

This week has passed by in a haze as I was sick pretty much the whole week with gastric flu. After trying to ride it out on my own for almost five days, I finally gave in and went to see my doctor who confirmed that it was stomach flu. So I just went through the motions this week and don’t have much to report. The medicines worked and I am much better now, though I am still taking it a bit easy for a few more days.

GG’s internship is going on well and the good news is that she does not have to go into the office every day. She is happy to work home so she can sleep a little earlier and need not dress up. BB is enjoying his holidays and catching up with his friends to watch the new Spiderman movie. He was especially happy to meet his best friend who recently enlisted for his National Service and I understand that the boys all grilled the NS recruit during lunch.

Today’s quote is attributed to Ted Murphy, the founder, CEO and Chairman of IZEA. He tells us that if something is safe and comfortable and not a bit scary, it’s not worth our time. Doing something scary helps us grow and makes us get out of our comfort zone. Fear serves a real and important purpose, that of keeping us out of harm’s way and so the directive to frighten ourselves on purpose is scary in itself. So go ahead and do something that scares you.

Have a wonderful week and stay safe!

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