2022 Week 14 Update

It’s another week to the end of the month and in India, next week will be the start of various new years as different communities celebrate their respective new years. I’ve written a bit about the different new years, so pop by here, here and here to read more.

GG is busy with her internship and she kept busy with work and school, most of which is her Co-curricular Activity or CCA. She has a leadership position in the CCA, so she is very busy and will be the same for the rest of the school year. BB’s school starts in two weeks and that will be his last semester in school before his internship. He also has his medical check-up for his National Service next year this week and hopefully, he is certified fit to serve and can get the vocation he wants.

Today’s quote is from the former US President, Teddy Roosevelt who tells us to keep our eyes on the stars and our feet on the ground. This lifehack will help us reach our goals simultaneously be grounded in our ethos and values.

Other than that, life moves on as usual. We’re now used to life without R, but she will come back by the end of the month, so then that’s another pivot for us.

Take care and stay connected!

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