2022 Week 25 Update

Today’s quote is from Maya Angelou, the poet, writer and civil rights activist who exhorts us to try to be a rainbow in someone’s cloud. What this quote means is that we should be willing to just listen when people want to vent, we should acknowledge what they are feeling and maybe help them work through their feelings and concerns. Where there is hope, there is light and we all know that behind every cloudy and rainy day there is a rainbow waiting to emerge and so let us be that rainbow when someone has a cloudy day.

BB’s new term starts tomorrow and it will be his last one in school before his internship and then the end of his course. He has also applied for some internships, but we haven’t heard back yet about the results. If the internship does not pan out, he will end up doing a final year project mentored by one of his teachers. GG is still busy with her internship which will end sometime in August and after that, she will go back to school for her last semester. During the last semester, she also needs to start working on her university applications.

As usual, the weather has been hot and humid with some rain here and there and the heat is crazy. The rains make it worse because when the rains stop, the heat becomes unbearable. Because of the resumption of travel, COVID-19 have begun to rise in Singapore. This was expected but is still worrying. We’ve all been vaccinated and had our booster shot almost six months back, so I am worried if our vaccinations are even effective now. S is now eligible for his second booster and will take it soon and I am waiting for the government to announce my turn for the second booster.

That’s all from me this week. Take care and remain vigilant. Covid is still amongst us, so we should continue to practice the good hygiene habits we’ve learnt so far.  

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