2022 Week 26 Update

This week was super productive for me in terms of writing and I managed to write something almost every day. But I also fell sick this week which was a bummer. After almost two years, I finally succumbed to a bout of a bad cough, cold and headache and that was enough to make me drowsy and lethargic towards the end of the week. Any one of the three is bad, but when you are hit with the triumvirate, it pulls you down and really makes you just want to rest till you are better. Anyway, I know that a cold will get better on its own and there’s nothing much you can do except rest and hydrate yourself, which is what I am doing.

This week’s quote does not seem to have an author, but it’s a very profound one. The quote says that someone who is truly happy is one who enjoys the scenery while on a detour. What this means is that even when things do not go our way, we should enjoy what comes to us and not grumble and gripe about the situation. Something to think about, right?

We’ve reached the halfway point in the year and the second half beckons us. This month, I have been reading quite a bit and am slowly, but steadily I am inching toward my annual reading goals. I am in West Bengal, in the city of Jalpaiguri, in the chicken neck that separates India and Bangladesh. I have about 100 km to reach the state of Bihar and then the Gangetic plains before I move south to Madhya Pradesh and finally Maharashtra.

BB and GG are busy with their school and internship respectively and that is going on well. GG will soon start her applications to university and this proves to be a high-stress situation. BB will go on to enlist in his National Service and after that, he will decide if he wants to go on to university or start working.

COVID-19 cases have exploded in Singapore and in many places in the world, so we need to be careful. After more than two years, we have COVID fatigue and wonder when and if we will ever go back to a sense of normalcy.

On that note, please still maintain hygiene and stay masked as much as you can. Be safe and see you next week.

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