2022 Week 31 Update

We’re in the eighth month of the year and it’s time for my usual updates.

Since the beginning of last year, I’ve walked a total of 4,650 km and after crossing the chicken’s neck and the state of West Bengal, I entered the state of Bihar and at the end of July was about 200 km from the state capital of Patna, which I will anyway not be touching. I am about 2000 km from my home in Mumbai and about 3200 km from my parent’s new home in Bengaluru, both of which I will not be able to reach this year.

About my reading, I have read about 55% of my 2022 reading goals, and this month I read 10 books which is probably a record for me in a long time. I guess the type of books I read determines how much I read in a month and in July, I read some books which reeled me in and didn’t allow me to rest until I had finished them.

This week’s quote is from the self-help author Stephen Richards. According to Richards, the only time one fails is when one falls and stays down. What this means is that when we fall, we should not think that this failure is what we deserve and we stay that way. What we should do instead, is after falling, we should get up, dust our hands and start anew. Life is full of small misfortunes and there is perhaps no one in this world who can coast through life as if on a gilded cloud. All of us have setbacks and failures at some point of time in our lives, but the mark of a true survivor is someone who battles these setbacks and comes back stronger.

And on this note, stay strong, never succumb to setbacks and be careful, we are still not out of the woods.

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