2022 Week 33 Update

American novelist and short story writer whose works often focus on history, morality, and religion, Nathaniel Hawthorne contemplated what happiness is. He says that happiness is a butterfly, which when pursued, is always just beyond your grasp, but which, if you will sit down quietly, may alight upon you. A butterfly is very elusive and just as we think we have caught it, it escapes. But when we ignore it, it will slowly come near us and and land on our shoulders. Happiness is just like that, the more we chase our notions of happiness to the exclusion of everything else, the more happiness will continue to elude us. So when we focus on our lives and the people around us, the happiness we deserve will quietly come and settle down within our lives.  

This week, after twelve years of writing in this space, I finally told my parents and sister about my blog. But I haven’t yet shared with them the link to this space. Let me see how much longer I can be anonymous even with my own family.

BB is busy studying for his last set of exams in poly. His exams start next week and after a short break, he will start his final year project for which he and two other students will have to work on a research project. Exactly what he will do, I am unsure, because it is too technical for me. GG is enjoying her holiday and is starting to prepare for her university applications.

And that’s all the updates for this week. Stay safe and stay healthy.

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