2022 Week 49 Update

The man who gave us the theory of relativity and one who needs no introduction, Albert Einstein exhorts us to strive not to be a success but to be of value. Everyone’s definition of success varies, but when one’s definition includes being of value, it gives us a sense of purpose and a direction of what we want in life. It sets us up for being that person who will inspire others and showcase what it means to be of value.

I have not walked much this year and so at the end of November, I am still in Uttar Pradesh, having just crossed one of the state’s biggest cities, Kanpur. I am still about a thousand kilometres from my home in Mumbai and slightly more than two thousand kilometres from Bengaluru where my parents now live.

GG’s midterms start tomorrow and she has been pretty stressed this week. This is her last semester and she wants to go out with the best grades possible. Because of her exams, she has not focused on her university applications. She will work on that during her Christmas break which will be as soon as her exams end.

BB is as usual busy with his Final Year Project and is in school every day. He seems to enjoy doing research in the lab and hopefully, after he completes his National Service obligations, he can work on this, either by going to university or working first before entering university.

Last week, I heard that Air India and Vistara are going to be merged, with Singapore Airlines which is one of the partners of Vistara, getting a 25% stake in the newly merged airline. Vistara is owned by the Tata group which also recently acquired India’s national airline, Air India. I have flown Air India only once, about twenty years back and after that trip, I decided I will pay more, but not fly Air India. I recently flew Vistara when I went to India earlier this year. I liked their onboard services, but their customer service leaves a lot to be desired. Hopefully, the new airline will emulate the best qualities of Singapore Airlines which is my favourite airline.

That’s all from me this week. Stay safe during the holidays.

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