2023 Week 04 Update

Today’s quote is a lovely one from author and speaker, Mark Black and one which I endorse 100%. Being able to relax and take time away from work, and anything that could be construed by work, depending on one’s point in life, is actually proven to make one more productive overall whilst also increasing the mood and improving mental health. This makes purposeful relaxation extremely important, and a valuable part of the daily routine. So, as I am doing this weekend, I would like all of my readers to purposefully relax this weekend, so you are fully charged for the new work week.

This week, GG applied for her first university application and she will soon apply to the other universities she is interested in. Please send her positive vibes and wishes so that she gets a place in her first choice of university and course. Both she and BB will soon finish their course by the end of next month and then they are free for a while, at least until BB enlists and GG, hopefully, enters university.

This was a very short work week because of the long Chinese New Year weekend, so there’s nothing that happened that I can talk about. That’s all for this week, take care and stay safe people!

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