2023 Week 08 Update

February is almost over and this week’s quote is a reminder that if you are currently facing a tough time, remember it won’t last, but those who are tough internally will outwit and outlast everyone and everything. What this means is that our lives are full of challenges with ups and downs happening in life. But every time there is a down, there will always be an upside, every dark night is always followed by the glowing dawn. No matter how dark a situation is, there is always a light at the end of the tunnel. We can’t stop tough times from happening to us, but accepting the reality of the situation and hoping and working for a better tomorrow is the best thing we can do. The resilience we have and the impact tough times have on us when we work to overcome them is a stepping stone to overcoming life’s challenges.

I read something very interesting this week and thought to share it with you all. A few days back, ChatGPT was asked questions from Singapore’s PSLE or Primary School Leaving Exam which 12-year-olds sit for to go to the next level of their education journey, Secondary school. But the AI bot failed the exam miserably scoring 16% for Maths, 21% for Science and barely scrapped through the English paper. This is when ChatGPT managed to pass a final exam at the Wharton Business School, passed tests in four law school courses, and comfortably cleared a US medical licensing exam. According to an educator, the PSLE’s approach of getting pupils to make informed guesses using varied strategies is not common in other syllabuses worldwide, and this may have been too much to ask of ChatGPT, hence the dismal grades.

GG & BB have finally finished with their polytechnic education, having done their last exams this week. It seems just yesterday, they got their O-level results and now they finish another academic milestone. GG will go on to university while BB will enlist for his national service soon.

That’s all from us this week. Stay safe!

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