09 April 2023 Week 14

This was the Good Friday weekend and was an extremely relaxing one. Before coming to Singapore, my father wanted me to make some special meals for him and I have been trying to make at least one every week for him. This weekend was also both cloudy and sunny and so we alternatively switched on the air conditioning or switched off the fans.

Both GG & BB finally got information about their graduations and both will take place in early May. Unfortunately, both only can invite two people to attend the graduation, so only S and I will be able to make it.

Albert Einstein, widely acknowledged as the greatest and most influential theoretical physicist of all time, once said The true sign of intelligence is not knowledge but imagination. What this means is that storing knowledge and learning facts and formulae is not enough, but the motive of life is to think beyond the imagination. This is what differentiates the truly intelligent from the masses.

That’s all from me this week. Take care and stay safe!

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