2023 Week 18  

Today’s quote is from Christian D. Larson, an American New Thought leader and teacher, as well as a prolific author of metaphysical and New Thought books. According to Larson, believing in oneself means having faith in their capabilities. It means believing that one can do something — that it is within their ability. When one believes in themself, they can overcome self-doubt and have the confidence to take action and get things done. When one is drowning in fears, doubts, and self-sabotaging behaviours, success feels out of their grasp and all of the skills, training, and tools in the world won’t change their life.

While walking, I am still in my home state of Maharashtra and have just crossed the city of Aurangabad. I am still about 180 km short of my home in Mumbai and can’t wait to reach there! I only read three books this month, so I need to start consciously reading more.

This week we attended both GG & BB’s polytechnic graduation ceremonies and I can’t believe my babies are so grown up. Next, its university for GG and national service for BB which will be new experiences for both.

And one by one, everyone has been falling sick in my home. It started with S, then my father and then me and my mum. The children have not yet gotten the flu that’s spread in our home so send us positive energies if you can.

That’s all from me this week. Stay safe!

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