2023 Week 19

Namaskaras from Bengaluru! We arrived yesterday and I am here to drop my parents off after two months spent in Singapore. This will be a very short trip because I need to get back to Singapore soon as R, my helper is also going on a pilgrimage to Malaysia later in the week.

Today’s quote comes to us from American self-help author, best known for his book, Think and Grow Rich. According to Hill, any dream will not become a reality without taking any action. And when action is taken, it needs to be done in a structured and logical way so that the goal can be achieved. However, without setting timeframes or deadlines for these priorities, dreams run the risk of being ignored, and the dream remains just that.

Most of us have recovered, though my throat is still a bit scratchy. This flu swept through the household and there was not a single person who was spared.

That’s all from me this week. Stay safe people and stay blessed!

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