2022 Week 11 Update

This week, I finally managed to get into my stride and was slightly more productive than I had been for a while. I hope this reignites my productive streak and I can do more without getting distracted as I have been the past few weeks.

GG has been working in her internship for two weeks now and though she finds it very tiring, she is enjoying herself. She is still not sure if she will do what she is doing during the internship as her career, but while she figures it out, she is enjoying the process.

It’s been a month now since R went back to India and we have now learnt to live without her. I am involving both BB & GG in cooking and other house chores and it’s been fun to teach them everything. Both are learning to cook and clean and as time goes on, it’s easier to pull them into the kitchen. These are essential life skills and I am glad I can teach them.

Today’s quote is from James Arthur Ray who reminds us that often what would seem to others as a detour is the best and most direct way to our destination. And this is a quote that spoke to me this week as BB and I had many conversations on his path in life. This quote told me that my path is not his path and what I see as a detour maybe his direct path.

And on that note, stay safe everyone!

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